The 1st International Conference on Cell Encapsulation

ICCE 2014 is the first attempt to provide a chance to discuss the fundamental and technological developments in the fields of cell encapsulation and to make the networking among the researchers. The topics of the conference are not limited strictly to cell encapsulation per se, but include many related fields, such as cell surface engineering, biomaterials, single-cell manipulation, and biointerfaces. The conference will bring together the leading researchers from around the world to share the latest developments in the fields.

Conference Organizer

Insung S. Choi KAIST

Organizing Committee

Jinwoo Cheon Yonsei Univ.

Hee Cheul Choi POSTECH

Sang Woo Han KAIST

Byeong-Su Kim UNIST

Jwa-Min Nam SNU

Scientific Committee

Frank Caruso Univ. of Melbourne

Woo Kyung Cho CNU

Yongwon Jung KAIST

Sung Min Kang PKNU

Jungkyu K. Lee KNU

Tae Geol Lee KRISS

Yuri Lvov Louisiana Tech. Univ.

Vesselin N. Paunov Univ. of Hull

Vladimir V. Tsukruk Georgia Tech.


Sung Ho Yang KNUE, Korea


Invited Plenary Lectures

Rawil F. Fakhrullin

Kazan Federal Univ., Tartarstan

Eugenia Kharlampieva

Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham, USA

Haeshin Lee

KAIST, Korea

Joao F. Mano

Univ. of Minho, Portugal

Jwa-Min Nam

Seoul Nat'l Univ., Korea

Dal-Hee Min

Seoul Nat'l Univ., Korea

Madoka Takai

Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

Ruikang Tang

Zhejiang Univ., China

Weian Zhao

Univ. of California, Irvine, USA


Registration fees (only on-site registration is available):
700,000 KW (700 USD) for regular participants
100,000 KW (100 USD) for students

Call for Abstracts

Please email the secretariat (